General conditions BLMA B.V. 

Group lesson registration and payment 
- The registration is into effect for at least one BLMA season.
- After registration, the fee due will be collected through direct debit in either one installment, two installments or ten monthly installments (you can indicate which you prefer in the registration form).
- We do not grant access to the lessons if the fee has not been paid before the specified payment date. We would like to point out that a group student is always obliged to pay once registered.
- Students aged 21 or older are subject to VAT. The VAT (21%) is included in the lesson rate for students 21 years or older.
- The price of lessons can be adjusted per BLMA season.
- It is not possible to catch up on or receive a refund for missed lessons.
- Tickets for Babette Labeij Music Academy performances are not included in the fee and must be purchased separately.
- Due to the changing group sizes/compositions, you must re-register every BLMA season.
- There will never be a refund or settlement of the fee if the student decides to deregister in the interim. There will be no refund of fees for students who have paid in advance for an entire season but decide to prematurely terminate their group lessons.
- Fees might only be refunded if subject to any of the following conditions:
Moving/emigrating outside a radius of 30 kilometers from one of our BLMA locations (Amsterdam/Hilversum/Rotterdam). We must receive a confirmation of moving/emigrating from the municipality including the moving date. Please let us know and show us this document at least 4 weeks before moving/emigrating.
Prolonged illness (for more than 4 consecutive weeks). A doctor's statement must be shown for this.
Pregnancy: when pregnant there is an option to either “freeze” or refund the group lessons for a maximum duration of 16 weeks (the official duration maternity leave). For this, a pregnancy statement from the obstetrician/doctor must be shown with the expected due date indicated.


Private lessons 
Private lessons packages: After purchasing a private lessons package, it is not possible to refund (any part of) the lessons package. Private lessons packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.
Conditions for cancellation of private lessons: You can cancel/reschedule your private lesson up to 24 hours before the start of the private lesson by sending an email to If you cancel 24 hours or earlier before the start of the private lesson, you will receive a code with which you can reschedule your private lesson through our website. This code is valid for one year.
If canceled later than 24 hours before the start of the lesson, we cannot offer a new code.
In the unlikely event that something happens which forces the BLMA to cancel your private lesson, we will work with you to find a suitable solution/time to reschedule the new lesson.
The BLMA never refunds in case of a late cancellation.


The Babette Labeij Music Academy is not liable for the loss of or damage to the property of our visitors/students. The BLMA is not liable for injuries, damages, etc. that visitors/students of the Academy sustain during, before or after singing lessons. Damage caused by the student/visitor of the BLMA is recoverable from the student/visitor of the Academy on the basis of legal liability.

Contact information change
We would like to receive any changes/adjustments in home addresses, telephone numbers, or email addresses. We use digital information distribution for our communication. Registration of the correct contact information is therefore essential.

There are no group lessons at the Babette Labeij Music Academy during the national school holidays. The group lessons schedule follows the holidays according to the holiday calendar per region/province. See the link on our website on holidays: 

By registering you agree that your e-mail address will be added to the mailing list of the BLMA newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time at the bottom of the newsletter email. You will then not receive further newsletter emails.

National measures
Group lessons: In the event of (recurring) national measures, such as the Corona measures or national weather warnings that prevent (public) travel, we will offer our lessons according to an adjusted schedule and/or online (through Zoom). Exceptionally, it is only then possible to attend the group singing lessons via Zoom in these conditions. If, due to measures imposed by the government, we are forced to offer our lessons in a different way, we will not refund fees and it is also not possible to stop or “freeze” group lessons. See our general terms and conditions for this.
Private lessons: Private lessons will be converted to online private lessons via Skype in the event of (recurring) national measures, such as the Corona measures or national weather warnings that prevent (public) travel. If national measures are imposed by the government and we are forced to offer our lessons in a different way, we do not refund any fees and it is also not possible to freeze private lessons. See our general terms and conditions for this.


Permission to use photo/video footage 
At the BLMA we are very proud of all the enthusiastic students who, under the guidance of our passionate, professional vocal coaches, achieve fantastic results time after time. Because we are so proud of this, we love to share photos and videos of our classes and performances on our social media channels.

Having fun singing is always our top priority and we think it is important that our students feel comfortable. We handle the filming / photographing of lessons with care, we clearly indicate if filming is taking place and we will never post images that are unfavorable to students.

We think it is important that our policy regarding the making of footage at the BLMA and during BLMA activities and the use of this footage on our social media channels is clear to all involved. For specific promotional materials, separate permission will always be requested from the relevant students and/or parents of the students.

It is possible that students and/or parents make footage themselves during our activities (for example performances). The Babette Labeij Music Academy has no influence on this, but we assume that students and/or parents are reluctant to post footage of other students on social media.

When registering, we ask you to give separate permission for the use of visual footage on which you appear or your son/daughter appears. Parents/guardians must give permission for this on behalf of pupils under 16.